Sunday, October 28, 2007

Annoying Comcast UI

I am certainly no UI guru—my favorite UI is a Unix shell. But I think Comcast's DVR user interface is perhaps the worst UI ever; at least in the top (or would it be bottom?) 10. It seems like it's always doing exactly what I don't want. Nothing is intuitive. It gets in my way. It irritates me ever single day.

Here is an example of one of the Comcast DVR's idiotic UIs. I was recording The Bourne Supremacy when I decided to quickly change channels to see what was on the news. Instead of just changing the channel, it wasted my time with this idiotic question asking whether I wanted to stop the recording and change the channel or just change the channel. How dumb!? Just change the friggin' channel—that's what I told it to do in the first place. At least this time the destructive action wasn't the default.


Jon-Eric Eliker said...

Your Comcast UI looks very much like the DVR UI for Insight Cable here in Kokomo, Indiana. Does it popup a message covering about 2/3 the screen saying "your recording has finished" when you are watching a different channel or pre-recorded show? Argh! That drives me bonkers. WHO CARES if another show that I'm recording is finished when I'M WATCHING SOMETHING ELSE? Argh (did I already say that?)!

Anonymous said...

It's very easy to bump the "change channel" button on your remote, and then you've suddenly lost your recording. I'm not saying the UI is pretty, but there's a good reason to ask you whether you want to quit recording.

Unixjunkie said...

Bumping the change channel button wouldn't lose the recording. "Continue recording, change channel" seems like a non-destructive and sane thing to do--it's exactly what you've told it to do, and there's no risk of losing the recording. So, the UI is unnecessary.