Monday, August 06, 2007

New little hacker

My daughter, Vivien, born 8/1/2007.


MHAithaca said...

Yay, congrats! She's absolutely adorable! (But you already knew that.) (Also, this captcha implementation doesn't work so well.)

Andrew said...


TVL said...

Congrats! Hope all three of you are doing well. Enjoy.

crawl7 said...


Mike Morton said...

What a cutie!

…and what’s her full name, for anagrammatic analysis?

Jeremy Salter said...

Congrats on the newest addition!!!

Khurt Williams said...


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Scott said...


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Drew Thaler said...

Congratulations, Greg. :-) She looks so awake and alert for being 5 days old!

Having just gone through this myself with Archer, I can tell you that the first three months or so are the hardest. If you're having a hard time, read "The Happiest Baby on the Block". It focuses pretty heavily on those months (the "fourth trimester") and gives spot-on advice.

We eventually read "The Baby Whisperer" too, and while we didn't really enjoy the tone of the book it's got some good nuggets. The eat-play-sleep cycle ('EASY') really helped. And the instant you see a yawn or eye-rub, it's time for a nap. Once we started regular naps, he very quickly started being so much happier during the day, and very soon afterward he was sleeping straight through the night.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Having a baby adds such a different perspective to ones life. Good Luck with her!